Once upon a time there were two thin goats. They were tied together with brown rope. They wanted to eat the green leaves from separated bushes. One bush was on the right. The other bush was on the left.


The goats thought they could do everything on their own. However, the rope was short. They tried and tried but the goats could not reach the bushes. They were sad.


Then, the goats decided to work together. First they eat the green leaves on the right. After that, they eat green leaves on the left. The green leaves were very delicious. The goats were very happy.



A tiger caught a fox while for food. The fox was very bold, and so he said ‘I am king of the forest.” But the tiger grew very angry and said that he would eat the fox at once.


“If you don’t believe me, come for a walk with me,” answered the fox quite calmly. “You’ll soon see whether all the other animals are afraid of me or not.”


The tiger agreed to go with the fox. When all the animals saw them coming, they ran away as fast as they could. The tiger never found out that the animals were actually frightened of him, not of the fox.




The landlord received the present and thanked the farm worker. The landlord could not divide the duck fairly so he asked the farmer, “How can I divide this duck fairly? I have a wife, two sons and two daughters,”  Said the landlord.


The farm worker took his knife and cut off the head of the duck. “This is for you, “he said,” because you’re the head of the family.


Nest he cut off the two wings and gave one to each of the daughters. “These are for you”, he said,“  Because you will fly away and marry someone,”


Then he cut off the two legs and gave one to each of the sons. “These are for you,” he said, “because you’ll follow in your father’s footsteps.


Finally, he took the rest for himself. The landlord was very happy and gave the farm worker some rice and money as well.




Once a lion, a fox and a donkey set off a day’s hunting after agreeing that each was to have an equal share of what was caught. After a time, they were able to pull down and kill a fat buck, and the lion asked the donkey to be as good as to divide the prize. As fairly as he could, the obliging donkey cut up the buck into three equal parts, and then he invited the lion to take his choice.


At this, the lion flew into a violent rage, sprang on the poor donkey, and killed him with a powerful blow. Then the lion told the fox to divide the meat. The fox did, but he was cunning. He put aside a big heap for the lion’s share, and kept only a small piece for himself.


On seeing this, the lion looked very pleased. “Master Fox,” he said, “This is very satisfactory. Who taught you to be so clever”.


“the dead donkey has been my teacher,” replied the fox, from this foolish conduct I have learned to be wise,”

By dickyfivers


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